Google ads for Business

The result that you know exists but have never experienced is here.

Are you satisfied with your digital results?

3.5 Billions searches happen daily on google. 93% of people consult google before buying.

Therefore, you need a digital presence, and your digital presence needs to be fully aligned with the solutions your company can offer in the market . That’s how you’ll experience real results on google.

We make you sell more through qualified lead Generation.

Are already more than 200 companies and business promoted with Gooex digital attraction strategies. Our focus in’t only bring you contacs, but collaborate in the qualification of those leads that will reach you, making it easier to sell.

All our communication will be aimed at attracting your best customers.

Pleasure! We are Gooex

Your new specialist digital agency in digital positioning and performance.

We’re google partner

We’re a google certified company to make ads.

What we do for your business?

With our work, you’ll go through a structuring phase of campaings, then we implemente them so you can start see the first results, after that we’ll teach you how to deal with the contacts that are coming in and When everything is validated, it’s time to scale your company’s results on google.

Your company in the right place, at the right time to sell more.

We prepare your company for the best moment to scale

We use all the tools available on google to attract who really can buy from you.

The business knoledge, management, sales and backgroung techniques that we have in favor of you company or business you’ll definitely succeed.

We put your company in digital in an inteligente and strategic way

Generating sales opportunities every day

We double your turnover with validated strategies inside your campaings

We create a lot of possibilities for your best costumers to find you out.

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